John C. Mickman

Irrigation Service Account Manager


Minneapolis Community and Technical College
St Cloud State University
Dale Carnegie University

John began working in our family business at the age of 6 twisting holly-berries for pine cones that are used to trim Christmas Wreaths (a part of our family business for generations). Over the years John has 'worn many hats' in the company giving him one of the best overall skill sets at Mickman Brothers.

For most of the year, and since he was just 14, John works in the Irrigation Service business, engineering systems, scheduling Technicians and is operates as a Service Technical for some of the largest, most complicated systems we maintain. John's 20+ years of work 'in the field' helps immensely when designing residential and commercial sprinkler systems. His designs and installations range from residential systems, athletic fields, townhomes and corporate headquarters.

During our Christmas wreath season John is a Warehouse Manager at one of our three warehouses from which we store and ship our product throughout the continental U.S. Because John has worked for our company my entire life, I can pretty much handle any situation/job that may arise at Mickman Brothers whether I'm in the office, in the field, or in the warehouse.

John's strongest skill or asset while working in the field, is his ability to work with clients - whether designing or installing their sprinkler system to ensure they receive exactly what they want. There is no job to small or big for me. John is also and expert Irrigation diagnostician, able to identify difficult irrigation issues and come to resolution in an efficient manner. John prides himself in being very hands on and not afraid to get his hands dirty and to lead by example when working with fellow colleagues.

John C. Mickman